Caravan Charity Trip – Portugal

• 1 May 2012 •


Friday morning and after a few days back in London after returning from the States I’m all packed and off to the airport again! A little less stressful this time as we’re heading to the Harrods terminal at Luton, I don’t know what I’m more excited about, going to Portugal or flying out of the private terminal!
Arriving only 15 minutes late…pretty good for a girl, I was whisked through to the private lounge, through security and onto the plane. The walk across to the plane didn’t go as smoothly as I anticipated, whilst trying to act all business like, I grabbed an umbrella which decided to turn itself inside out…typical Horn, not the entrance I wanted!
This is always a great trip right from the word ‘go‘. The flight over there is pretty special, a private plane, 3 course meal, cheese, wine and desserts by Michel Roux, not bad! I just sit back and take it all in with a big smile on my face.
This trip brings everyone together from the food industry, the buyers, retailers etc and its goal is to raise money to help people in the food industry who are going through hard times….a great cause which has grown year after year!
So it’s me and 100 men on the trip and yes they were a handful but its what I love, I love the banter! We landed in Faro around 6pm and head to Monte da Quinta suites, a gorgeous hotel. My room was equally gorgeous and brought yet another smile to my face, WOW. Once again, as always seems to be the case I didn’t have much time to get ready for dinner at 7pm, it’s much easier for the guys, I have a big mop to try and control! I managed a quick turn around although had to make a solo entrance into the dining room with 100 guys giving me stick for being late…I can take it J
The first night saw lots of wine and beer flowing as everyone caught up. Being the serious athlete, I stopped after a bottle ;) which was still far too much as I didn’t feel too pretty heading to the first tee the next day plus I forgot my sunglasses which is never a good move when battling a hangover. I smacked a good drive off the first, which was impressive given how I was feeling and decided on the 4th a beer might help take the edge off it….it did! The beer cart glides towards us down the fairway like a ray of sunshine, I tried to hide my relief! I was lucky to have another great team, two guys from Heineken and one from Morrison’s. We all had a great laugh which made the day extra special!
I had a pretty good round at Laranjal, its always lovely to play when the sun is shining! It really was a great course with very slick greens, a challenge to say the least, I can only imagine what Augusta is like! The main dinner and auction came on the Saturday night, so glad rags on again! There were some awesome auction items which managed to raise over £300k over the weekend, quite staggering! Big respect to all involved. I managed to wangle my way onto a few choice auction items. One being wine tastting…what a drag and another visiting Coolmore stables in Ireland – whoop whoop!
Sunday saw another round of golf and another sore head, must be the influence of the rugby guys! To sum it all up without boring you too much, it was a great weekend, a great bunch of people and a great cause. Its something that I hope to continue supporting in years to come….and hope I get tougher and tougher when it comes to keeping up with the lads.