Help for Heroes Golf Day

• 1 May 2012 •


Heroes Golf Day – Stoke Park
Another gorgeous morning in London…not! After opening the curtains to see the rain pouring down as usual the army shorts had to be hidden under my waterproofs….gutting! A quick cup of coffee and some dutch courage, I loaded the car and headed to the impressive Stoke Park.
En route there was no hold up in the rain, in fact it was getting heavier and heavier. Getting up early to put my hair up in rollers hadn’t been the greatest plan! Unfortunately I’m not one of these girls whose hair always looks flawless in fact I’m the opposite and have a tendency to resemble one of the thunder cats if exposed to certain weather.
As I drove down the long and winding entrance something caught my eye…it was the ducks walking around on the greens, which were pretty much underwater, never a good sign, although could provide the perfect excuse for any missed putts!
To be honest I didn’t think there was much chance of us actually getting out onto the course, I felt awful for the organisers. They had put so much work into the day! But to my surprise when I walked into the club house, I was signed in and handed a Vpar electronic scorecard….we were going out to battle!!
It was lovely to see all the usual suspects…Anton du Beke Ben Shepherd, Charlotte Jackson, Chris Evans…all us golf nuts seem to stick together!
Unluckily for him, my manager Ashley had been roped into caddying for me which was great seeing as there was a buggy ban and my Wilson tour bag is pretty much the same size as me! Still pouring down, we headed to the 15th tee ready for the shotgun start. I was extremely happy to see that the pasty and beer stand had been setup at the 15th…they must know me too well. A quick beer and stretch and I’m ready to go. The rain firing into my eyes and dripping off my cap doesn’t help with my first shot onto the par 3 but it somehow manages to find the green. It’s always nice to get the first shot out of the way. You’re in your own little world then!
Thankfully I had a very nice team, it makes a massive difference to the game if you’re able to have a laugh and some banter along the way, especially in these conditions…all you could do is laugh!
After 4 of 5 holes I started to settle in, I found the greens hard to judge…I’m not used to factoring in the ball crossing water en route to the hole. Unbelievably there was a hint of sunshine and so I decided when we reached the first to get my legs out and put the waterproofs away! Help for Heroes socks and camouflage shorts seemed to be fitting golf attire for this event. After bringing out the shorts, I hit one of my best drives off the first which led to me winning the longest drive of the day…must have been the wind up my shorts :)
With a new found spring in my step, I finished the round with a respectable 27 points considering the conditions & the fact we were playing off of three quarter handicap. One of the highlights of the day was the Chinook flying over the course….pretty awesome, not something you see everyday!
I have to admit my legs got a little cold by the 18th, but it was worth it! We were all soaking wet and cold but shared a great sense of achievement that we had battled the conditions and played for all the troops!
Next thing was to dry off and transform myself for the evening…not a quick process, but with only 40 mins before dinner I tried for a new Horn record! I got back in good time but just missed the prize giving. I was very excited to have won the longest drive and the best dressed, it always lovely to win something, reminds me of the butterflies I used to get competing in tournaments.
A gorgeous 3 course dinner and an auction followed. The most amazing auction prize was a set of clubs made up from all the legends of the game including Woods, Nicklaus, Palmer, Monty, Player! Its one of those times I really wished I had the money to bid! The whole auction raised over £100k for Help for Heroes…an unbelievable achievement!