PGA Golf Show – Days 1 & 2

• 27 January 2012 •


A little update from Orlando

Demo day
Wednesday was the demo day that kicks off the PGA Merchandise show. Based at Orange County National Golf Centre it is quite a spectacle. 100’s of brands arranged in a circle with a huge driving range in the middle….only in America!
I set up camp at the Wilson stand and spent the afternoon crushing some balls with my new FG62’s as well as having the pleasure of meeting loads of different people…all as enthusiastic about the game! The weather is amazing which is a bonus, I tried to avoid the not so attractive bright white golfers hand with some success.

Day two (Thursday) was the start of the show at the Orange County convention centre! When I say this place is massive, I mean it’s MASSIVE! It must be 3 miles long! After surviving the mammoth walk from the car park, I just had time to spruce myself up before being interviewed by the one and only Jimmy Roberts for the Golf Channel! It’s really awesome out here, the world of golf has a great feeling, relaxed and friendly….just how it should always be!
After seeing Horn belts on the Druh stand and catching up with everyone I headed back up to the media room for a photo shoot with yahoo sports (thanks Rick). The shoot was in a small room off the main media centre and I have to say its the first photo shoot I’ve had to get ready for without having a mirror…thankfully I managed to improvise using the trusty iPad! 
There’s lots of great new stuff here and I’ll be keeping you guys and girls posted, especially in GQ!